Lois J Barker is an independent ceramic artist who produces distinctive pieces of home décor that she entirely makes in her studio in Fairfield, CT.  Ms. Barker has developed a line whose basic forms are each limited editions.  Each piece is decorated by hand into a work that is both unique and yet consistent with her sense of design. 

A mostly self-taught ceramic artist that has been working with clay for the past 30 years, Ms. Barker studied ceramics briefly at the University of Hartford, CT. 

Her husband, William E Barker makes plaster molds of her designs.  Thirty years ago, they began referring to their joint efforts as a combination of their middle names Jean and Elton to form the Jean Elton Studio. 

Ms. Barker invites inquiries as well as requests for studio tours.

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Main section of the Jean Elton Studio

Main section of the Jean Elton Studio