RHPC Policies (as of 1 November 2017)

·       Members will not copy other Members’ work,

·       Members will clean up after themselves,

·       Neither RHPC will have an exclusive in distributing Member’s work nor will RHPC limit itself to one category of ceramic work (eg ceramic beads),

·       Membership in RHPC is not intended to limit where Members work or how they sell; in other words, if a Member were to create an object at a location other than the Jean Elton Studio using materials not supplied by Jean Elton and sold in a venue other than through RHPC, then RHPC would have no rights to any revenue, commission or fee with respect to that piece.  If a Member wishes to use a subset of the JE Provisions not explicitly set forth in the Agreement, subject to approval by a majority of the Board, the Manager and such Member may propose alternative financial agreements. 

·       Membership is open to anyone that wants to work at the Jean Elton studio and is accepted (on one year terms) by the Board,

·       Policies listed on RHPC sites on sale sites (eg Etsy) are hereby incorporated by reference (www.etsy.com/shop/RoundHillPottery)

·       At any point in time, the Policies, list of Members, announcements and other matters will be posted on the following online location, a hidden page on the Jean Elton website: www.jeaneltonstudio.com/rhpcwebsite