Jean Elton is an independent ceramic design firm that produces distinctive, hand made work for fine homes and offices.  The Studio has been operating from Fairfield, CT since 1986.  Jean Elton exhibits its lines at trade shows, galleries and interior design firms across the country.  This site is for galleries, interior decorators, and other retailers. 

The firm's three main lines currently are the Prism, Pristine and Precis lines. 

Jean Elton is often classified as a provider of goods that are "handmade in America".  That is correct, but our most successful customers conceptualize our work as something more important than that phrase alone can convey.   In particular: handmade means that (1) Jean Elton provides distinctiveness and character; our products are not made by a machine; (2) there is a real person behind the work and each work has a story, so much so that we number each and provide a Certificate of Authenticity for each.  What's important about "made in America" is that (3) unlike the handmade goods from international locations distributed by domestic agents, our customers can interact directly with us which means they can customize --  a process we encourage.  Contact us for specifics. 

Jean Elton also executes one-of-a kind work (some of which are included in the Heritage Collection)  and accepts commissions from time to time. 

A note on the degree of uniqueness with respect to the Pristine and Prism lines: Because we paint each work by hand, the work a client might receive will be slightly different than the ones pictured here, although we can produce the general design as well as hue and theme of the color scheme as pictured.  The fundamental shapes are wholly original and are produced in our studio.  Size and other information in the Gallery.  Prices upon request.